We present a system that Secure Data Controlled Transfer Mechanism (SDCTM) to create a data security system. Sensitive data such as entertrainment, gaming or education etc... are securely transferred between a programmer and a device.A mechanism for securely transmitting data to instantiated virtual machines is provided. A central server is used to turn on a virtual machine. When the virtual machine is turned on, the central server sends it a secret text string. The virtual machine requests the credentials from the central server by transmitting the secret string and its instance ID. The central server validates the secret string and source IP to determine whether they are authentic.

What is the SDCTM?

Secure Data Controlled Transfer Mechanism (SDCTM) is the high secure data transfer to device, gadgets through wireless with SDCTM process. This process very high security and safety.

What We Do?

We R & D on VR/AR/MR to develop more adavance, user friendly and cost effective Headsets and Applications