MR Development

Definition of Mixed Reality

Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality are terms relatively known in the simulation world. Mixed reality is the third term which is increasingly becoming popular and it refers to the merging or combination of virtual environments and real environments where both worlds can exist together. In other quarters, mixed reality is also known as “Hybrid Reality”.

In mixed reality, the user is given the ability to explore the virtual environment and the real world seamlessly at the same time. Through the use space and coordinates, the virtual objects will be positioned on the real world and whenever you move towards the virtual objects, they become larger while moving away from them makes them smaller. Moving around the virtual objects will also give you different angles and perspectives. Additionally, mixed reality will allow users to manipulate the virtual objects and interact with them as if they were with them in the same place.

How does Mixed Reality work

With the development of the technology is shrouded in secrecy by the major players, all that is known on the operations of the technology is that it uses virtual reality and augmented reality as well as space and coordinates. Magic Leap is the company at the forefront in the development of mixed reality and they have remained tight lipped about the finer details of what they are doing or developing. The scanty details we know however, suggests that just like Hololens, mixed reality will use a projector for displaying images on semi transparent materials which will then be reflected to the eye with the help of beam-splitting technology.

What We Do?

We R & D on VR/AR/MR to develop more adavance, user friendly and cost effective Headsets and Applications