AR Development

Augmented Reality

It is simply the process of overlying of digital elements or data on the real world so that you can interact with reality and digital elements on same platform. Although, Augmented Reality technology is still running behind Virtual Reality but the day they will converge then real wonders will be created with mixed reality effects.

How does Augmented Reality work

The kind of augmented reality you are likely to experience these days utilizes a range of sensors such as cameras and computer components as well as display devices in creating the illusion of virtual objects in the real world. Some of the smartphones in the market today have all the necessary components needed in the creation of augmented reality hence they are commonly used for most of AR experiences.

The future of Augmented Reality

The future of augmented reality has never been brighter as it is at the moment. Though mobile devices are the primary avenues for VR at the moment, this is not expected to remain the case since a lot of developments, enhancements and innovations are currently taking place in the industry. For instance, work is currently on in the development of augmented reality ear buds which will allow users to adjust sounds coming from the environment.

Applications of Augmented Reality

Video Games

Playstation and Xbox are the main video game consoles where augmented reality capabilities have been included in their latest releases in the form of Kinetic and Playstation Eye for Xbox and Playstation respectively.


he potential of augmented reality in education is immense. Currently, the technology is widely applied in fields such as medicine in the simulation of 3D models used for teaching students. It is also possible to use existing learning materials like pages of a textbook in augmented reality.

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